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Why I joined Earth, Sea and Sky

Turtles have always fascinated me, strong and tough on the outside but soft in the inside. Over the past two years I have taken great interest in preserving the oceans, focusing on plastic pollution and overfishing in the oceans. During the summer of 2015 I was incredibly busy with my college application, preparing for the ACT and an internship; I wanted to do something different. A few years ago I had come into contact with Earth, Sea and Sky through “Sea Life”. I was too young at the time, but applied two years later and was accepted as a volunteer. Although I have no intentions of pursuing a career in conservation, it is definitely something that I am passionate about and plan to support in any capacity I can.

My impressions of my time at ESS

There is a lot of passion and dedication behind this organization that is infectious. Although I was dedicated before to the cause, the past two weeks have truly taken it to the next level. The same can also be said about sea turtles, I have always tried to accumulate a firm understanding of sea turtles, but during the past 2 weeks I learned more about sea turtles than the past 18 years of my life combined. The turtle crisis must be addressed immediately and the mind-set of the general public must be changed, but luckily there are people like Yannis who with the help of great and dedicated volunteers can give turtles a voice. These conservationists are vital to perseverance of earth and its beautiful and diverse nature.