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plants of zakynthos
1. Sea Daffodil (Pancratium Maritimum)

This magnificent plant, with its intoxicating scent, flowers on the beaches of Greece from August to September, mostly in lone splendour. Unfortunately its survival is being threatened by the development of tourism in coastal areas, many visitors digging up the onion-like bulb and taking them home. Luckily this beautiful flower can still be found on the southern beaches of Zakynthos, especially at Gerakas and Banana beach. It is important that it is protected and the bulbs should not be uprooted. (Photo Credit)

2. Cyclamen (Cyclamen graecum)

There are two species of this wild flower to be found in Greece, the early and late flowering Cyclamen. This cyclamen appears after the first rains, around early October, covering the hillsides and olive groves in tiny pink flowers. The Zakynthians special name for the flower is Kopelitsas, as the flower resembles a little girl with frilly skirts. The ancient Greeks also had a special name for them, calling them Chelonion because the tubers of the plant are shaped like turtles. (Photo Credit)


The only significant hay meadows located on Zakynthos are on marine clays and overlying colluvium in the Gerakas area. Hay meadows in spring are a magnificent sight with massed flowers of Purple Milk Thistle and Chrysanthemum coronarium. Other characteristic plants include Lotus, Anthllis tetrapylla, Button Clover, Sainfoins, Deadly Carrots, and Arum italicum. However changing social trends gathering pace are beginning to threaten the existence of some of the traditional meadows, which also support a rich fauna of plant-eating beetles.