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mainbuildingLoggerhead Sea Turtles, or Caretta caretta, belong to the group of animals that need special attention. 80 % of representatives of this species live in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and nest on Zakynthos Island. That is why it’s especially crucial to concentrate on preserving local ecological environment and wildlife. Thanks to Writemyessaytoday.us, I managed to conduct comprehensive research and came up with a detailed paper describing the characteristics and life of Caretta caretta.

The Main Characteristics of Loggerhead Turtles

When I was working on this task, I asked for a research paper assistance, and an expert helped me perform a detailed essay. One of the most surprising things is the age of the species. These turtles lived in the era when dinosaurs were inhabiting the Earth – around 250 million years ago. They got their name because of a large head and massive jaws that help them cope with hard shells. The species plays an essential role in the oceanic eco-environment because it takes part in maintaining coral reefs and seagrass, as well as controlling the population of jellyfish. Besides, around 100 types of animals and plants can live on a shell of a sea turtle. Caretta Caretta is a rather large animal as its length riches up to 1 meter. But it’s not the limit – there are the representatives that demonstrate approximately 2.8 meters. The brown color is their primary color, but it may softly vary from yellow to reddish on a shell and skin. It’s easy to understand when you see the turtle of this species due to the distinguished size of its head. There’s no noticeable difference between males and females, but one detail can still be useful if you want to find out who is who. Their tails are worth attention. The males’ tales are thicker and longer than females’ ones. An expert from a professional essay writing service helped me find this interesting information – they always know where to look for the best details.

Mating Period and Hatchlings

Turtles spend most of their life in the waters. But females have to leave the ocean or sea every 3 or 4 years as they have to lay eggs. They don’t change their habits and nest near the place where they nested before. The mating period may last up to 1 month and two weeks – it’s easy to determine it by the turtles’ behavior. They’re biting and nuzzling each other, uncommonly move their heads, and so on. If a female can’t choose which male is better, she lets them fight and selects the winner. Zakynthos turtles have a mating period from March untill June and lay eggs in the first two summer months. Interestingly, the sex of this species depends on the temperature. Females like warmth and they are produced if it’s at least 29 degrees Celsius, and males – if it’s less than this level. Baby turtles’ weight is only 20 grams, and length is 1.8 inches. The first thing these little creatures do is swim away from the shore. Thanks to professional help with research paper, I found out that they can do it for several days, but then hatchlings come back and find a place for living nearer to the beach. Later, they may enter the oceanic zone and come back when they are 7-12. Unfortunately, many dangers are waiting for them during this period, and only 1 of 1000 babies manage to survive in the open waters. Their shell is too soft, and they often become victims of fish and sea animals. Fishing nets and plastic bags also don’t leave a chance for survival to these creatures, and that’s why they need the protection.

The Conclusion

The statistics data should make us think of our behavior, habits, and values. Humanity must learn what to do to save Loggerhead turtles and other creatures. Earth sea sky has already started this path, and it’s time for all of us to start doing the same and even more.