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Yannis Vardakastani and Earth, Sea & Sky Global Earth, Sea & Sky was established in Zakynthos, Greece in 1993 by Yannis Vardakastanis. Yannis became a full-time conservationist in 1991 and has been steadily working to protect the Caretta Caretta Turtles and marine life in and around the island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, in […]

Volunteer Opportunities


Earth, Sea & Sky Global Volunteer Opportunities Earth, Sea & Sky Global is building an international volunteer network to help serve the many different countries and localities desperately in need of your help and assistance. At the moment we are concentrating on volunteer projects in Gerakas, Zakynthos in the Greek Islands – but hope to […]

Turtle Rescue Centre


Over the last few years Earth, Sea & Sky have been raising funds through the SOS Turtle Rescue Appeal, alongside the Sea Life Centres, to builda Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Station in Zakynthos for swift rehabilitation and treatment to injured turtles. With no other such facility on the island of Zakynthos, and with more […]

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To request a volunteer application form, more volunteer information or details on Earth, Sea & Sky work in Greece, please send us a message to yannis@earthseasky.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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    A rave review about volunteering opportunities with Eearth, Sea & Sky Global

    Click the Link below to have a read of Angie Aspinall’s account of volunteer Eco-tourism holidays with us in Zakynthos, Greece. She describes her personal highlight: “Holiday highlight? For me, the holiday highlight has to be helping to rescue turtle hatchlings from a blocked nest. Without the help of Earth, Sea & Sky staff and volunteers, none […]

  • Turtle: The Incredible Journey Trailer

    We have always known the story of the turtles was an amazing one, and now the movie makers have recognised it too. Watch the trailer to the new turtle blockbuster!!

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    Protecting Marine Life in Zakynthos

    There are many hazards in Zakynthos which vulnerable marine life need protecting from. Earth, Sea & Sky Global volunteers work to ensure that they are as safe as possible in their natural habitat. Click to learn more about Marine Life in Zakynthos

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    Volunteers make lifetime friends and learn valuable skills

    Working and living together, the Earth, Sea & Sky Global volunteers often make good friends that last long beyond the end of their volunteering programme. As well as this you will learn valuable lessons and skills from your experiences volunteering in Greece. Click for more information on Volunteering in Zakynthos

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    The beautiful area of Gerakas, Zakynthos

    Volunteers for Earth, Sea & Sky Global are bound to have a fabulous time staying in Gerakas during their time as a volunteer. The area is full of wildlife and flora – with plenty of country walks and beautiful lanes to meander and explore. Click to learn more about Volunteering in Gerakas  

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    Baby Turtles first journey to the sea

    Often our Earth, Sea & Sky Global volunteers are able to watch the baby hatchlings as they make their first journey from their nests into the sea. We check the nests after the eggs have hatched for any babies that have not hatched on time and monitor the success of the hatchlings for record purposes. This […]

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    Volunteer Experience to last a lifetime

    The opportunity to volunteer in the idyllic setting of Gerakas, Zakynthos with Earth, Sea & Sky Global offers a chance to create memories to last a lifetime – staying in paradise and helping to protect one of the worlds endangered species. Click for more volunteer information.

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    Zakynthos Island – a dream to visit

    During your time as a volunteer on the island of Zakynthos there are plenty of beautiful places to visit during your free hours. With the largest number of sunshine hours in the mediteranean, and some stunnign beaches and coastal regions to explore, your will have a great time in Zante for the duration of your […]

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    Sunset in Zakynthos

    After the sun goes down in Zante, Zakynthos the Caretta Caretta turtles begin to lay their eggs – normally having finished the laying process by dawn. After an incubation period the hatchlings emerge from their nests at dawn, before people arrive on the beach and make their way to the sea. It is very important […]

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    Turtle Island Marathonisi

    The magical island of Marathonisi is about five to ten minutes from the shore of Laganas, Agios Sostis and Porto Koukla. Many toursits visit Turtle island, however we recommend that the island is left alone for the benefit of the turtles in Zakynthos. This being one of their main nesting beaches is a crucial location […]


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Earth, Sea & Sky Global

We aim to raise awareness of Marine Life plights in Zakynthos, particularly the endangered Caretta Caretta Turtle. If you are interested in our Volunteer Programme please send us an email or give us a call, we are in Zakynthos throughout the year so please drop by the Turtle Rescue Centre to browse our turtle information and fundraising efforts.