Turtle Rescue Centre

Over the last few years Earth, Sea & Sky have been raising funds through the SOS Turtle Rescue Appeal, alongside the Sea Life Centres, to builda Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Station in Zakynthos for swift rehabilitation and treatment to injured turtles. With no other such facility on the island of Zakynthos, and with more and more injured turtles every year, this is a crucial step towards securing the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles in Zakynthos a better future.

Works on the Rescue Station in Gerakas, Zante are being pushed towards completion for spring 2012. Once complete, volunteers will be needed year-round to operate the facilities. This will involve hands on work rescuing and rehabilitating injured turtles and other marine life, technical roles and daily maintenance of the facilities. Data gathered at the Rescue Station will benefit an international pool of knowledge to help all sea turtle species around the World.

The Turtle Rescue Station is nearing completion and will need volunteers year round

Learn more here about volunteering opportunities in Gerakas with Earth, Sea & Sky Global or make a donation to the project here.

Have a look at more of the building process of the new Turtle Rescue Centre in Gerakas, Zante on our facebook page.



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We aim to raise awareness of Marine Life plights in Zakynthos, particularly the endangered Caretta Caretta Turtle. If you are interested in our Volunteer Programme please send us an email or give us a call, we are in Zakynthos throughout the year so please drop by the Turtle Rescue Centre to browse our turtle information and fundraising efforts.